Qatar Multitech Trading & Contracting WLL

Civil engineering

Qatar Multitech performs the following scope of work but not limited to:

  • General cleaning and paintings of all structures, roofing systems, damaged plaster, repair/cleaning /painting of all type of doors, windows and glazing. Repair, replacement, ceramic tiles, flooring, manholes, carpentry works.
  • Maintenance of outdoor and indoor equipment sites such as sub stations, GSM equipment rooms, shelters and sheds including cleaning, painting, repair of damaged concreate, repair of damaged carpentry works, door and window repairs, locks, feeder pillars and frames, damaged and cracked steps.
  • Maintenance of hard landscaping including damaged interlock, damaged curb stones, concreate and pavers for walkways, roads and parking bays, painting of raised curbing.
  • Maintenance of the storm water drainage system including painting of soak away covers, manhole, covers and gully grating.
  • Maintenance of existing road markings by removal of damaged markings with approved methodology and renewing to match existing. This also includes but not limited to maintenance and repairing of all traffic signage on interval roads and roundabouts.
  • Maintenance of all exterior lighting including pole lights, up lights, flood lights, bollard lights, aircraft warning lights, this include control gear, earthing, wiring and distribution boards.
  • Repair/replacement of all types of flooring & ceiling works.
  • Repair/replacement of water proofing works related to roofing system.
  • Maintenance of outdoor area with proper levelling of ground. If any undulations on the ground, backfill the ground with proper backfilling material as approved by customer.
  • Repair/replacement of raised floor.
  • Repair/replacement of partitions including all necessary fittings.
  • Maintenance of compound wall by painting with approved methodology and make new to match existing.
  • Repair/replacement of concrete works by removal of damaged concrete with approved methodology and renewing.
  • Repair/replacement of all types of doors and gates, windows, door shelter, locks and hinges, door closers.
  • Maintenance of sliding gates, repairing and welding, motorized barriers to include the replacement of all detective parts.