Qatar Multitech Trading & Contracting WLL

Corporate Values

Qatar Multitech takes great pride in its operations and we encourage our employees to carry out their duties in a Responsible, Integral, Safe & Ethical manner as a reflection of the organizations corporate values.


Qatar Multitech employees understand their responsibility towards its clients and stakeholders. They consider themselves accountable for their actions and persevere to meet service expectations.


Our management and staff members deal with issues openly, honestly & directly. We understand the need for integrity in a workplace and promote our staff to follow the same in their day to day operations.


The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to Qatar Multitech. We understand that safety does not simply happen at a workplace. It’s the result of continuous & proactive efforts to educate & promote for a safe work environment from all our stakeholders including the management & employees.


Qatar Multitech is committed to upholding high ethical standards as part of our operations. We believe in the principles of honesty, fairness and respect for all stakeholders which we convey to our large and diverse group on employees working across various departments.